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Royal Center for Insurance Training & Consulting is based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With its strategic geographical location in the business and financial hub of the Middle East, Royal Center has grown into a leading training and consulting organization for the insurance industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Royal Center has strategic relationships and MOUs with a number of Insurance Regulatory bodies within the region. It is also a member of the USA-based Institute for Global Insurance Education (IGIE).

Royal Center’s major partners include UAE Insurance Authority; Emirates Insurance Association; Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA); Saudi Arabian Council of Cooperative Health Insurance (CCHI); Jordanian Insurance Commission; Palestine Capital Market Authority (PCMA); and Palestine Insurance Federation (PIF) in addition to a large number of insurance organizations throughout the Middle East.

Royal Center offers open and customized both conventional and Islamic insurance (Takaful) training courses in Arabic and English languages in association with the most pronounced regional and international institutions for insurance and non-insurance organizations.

Royal Center’s internationally certified team of trainers also offer extensive exam revision courses for Award, Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma level designation qualifications of the UK-based Charted Insurance Institute (CII).

As part of its consulting activities, Royal Center offers professional services to new and existing insurance establishments in the areas of people management and development; training needs analysis; and organizational design and operating models.

Vision, Mission and Values

  • 1Royal Center’s vision is to be known as the leading training and consulting services provider for the insurance industry in the Middle East.
  • 2Royal Center’s mission is to provide quality lifelong learning experiences for individuals, industry and the community through innovative and customized insurance training and development activities.
  • 3Royal Center highly values the passion towards excellence in all its business areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Taamina” – the little angel of insurance!

Royal Center has teamed up with Bahrain-based Taamina Corporation to enhance and develop the public insurance awareness. “Taamina” – the attractive and much loved trademark was an idea created with great enthusiasm to spread the good word of insurance by a visionary set of insurance people, who are determined to fulfill the void of insurance awareness in the Middle East region.

Taamina Corporation has launched two awareness books – ‘Taamina General Insurance’ and ‘Taamina Medical Insurance’. The simple animated approach adopted by “Taamina” to explain insurance, its principles, its various classes, its benefits, etc. has been greatly welcomed by the insurance industry players, many schools and colleges and the broader Middle Eastern society in general.

Along with its training and consulting offerings, Royal Center associates with its vast list of clients in spreading insurance awareness via “Taamina” concept.

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In order to promote insurance professionalism within the regional insurance industry, Royal Center actively supports individual insurance personnel as well as organizations throughout the Middle East in instilling strong insurance foundation via scholarships for the introductory units within general, health and life insurance areas.

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