Consulting Services

Training Need Analysis

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) would be targeted at assessing the training needs for a company or for the industry as whole by the way of conducting a questionnaire/interview-based field survey and subsequently developing a training plan/strategy for the company/industry.

The survey would be conducted to understand the current level of training and skills among professionals in the company/industry and assess their future training needs in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of the industry personnel and create a technically and professionally competent workforce.

Graduate Development Programs

Royal Center prides in its innovative and steadfast Graduate Development Program (GDP) for the regional insurance industry, which is intended to create highly skilled and competent insurance professionals. Over the years, Royal Center’s immensely successful GDP projects in the GCC and broader Middle Eastern markets have enormously contributed to the advancement in the regional insurance operations and services.

GDP projects are designed equip young graduates with the knowledge and skills required to become successful and dominant insurance professionals in addition to meeting various business requirements of insurance organizations.

Royal Center’s well-qualified and experienced team delivers end-to-end GDP solutions for its clients that include:

Underwriting Manuals, Claims Manuals and Job Descriptions

Royal Center’s consulting services domain encompasses a team of highly qualified and highly experienced insurance professionals with managerial and technical experience in different classes of insurance and reinsurance areas to develop customized underwriting and claims manuals for all classes of insurance for conventional as well as Islamic (Takaful) insurance companies. Royal Center also offers expertise in developing job descriptions for insurance personnel.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) includes the methods and processes used by organizations to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. Royal Center offers comprehensive ERM services that are tailor made to suit risk management requirement of various companies in line with policies relating to corporate governance.

Royal Center’s ERM services provide a framework for identifying particular events or circumstances relevant to the organization's objectives (risks and opportunities); assessing them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact; determining a response strategy; and monitoring progress. By identifying and proactively addressing risks and opportunities through its ERM services, Royal Center contributes in creating value to various stakeholders, including owners, employees, customers, regulators and society as a whole.


Royal Center provides reliable translation services from English to Arabic and vice versa of the highest caliber and at a competitive price. Royal Center’s capable and well-qualified translation experts bring a great deal of experience in the fields of insurance, risk management, sales, marketing, finance, accounting and business administration.

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