Royal Center offers two vital AHIP designation qualifications for which paper-based examinations are conducted twice a year (June and December).

Diploma in Health Insurance (DHI)

AHIP’s DHI core program is appropriate for:

  • Staff members of insurance companies, brokers and Third Party Administrators (TPA);
  • Staff members managing medical insurance schemes provided by companies to their own employees;
  • Hospital staff members handling medical insurance matters; and
  • Those aspiring to join insurance industry, Third Party Administrators (TPA) and companies offering medical insurance schemes to their employees.

DHI comprises of the following three courses and is available in both Arabic and English:

  • Fundamentals of Health Insurance – Part A (Basics of Health Insurance)

    This course is the perfect way for candidate to build a solid foundation of the basic concepts and terminology of the health insurance industry. Candidate will learn about the various kinds of health insurance, contracts, sales and marketing rules, and how the insurance industry works. This course is essential for anyone who is new to health insurance.

  • Fundamentals of Health Insurance – Part B (Basics of Company Operations)

    Learning about health insurance operations is a must for anyone who wants to serve in this industry. This course will give candidate solid knowledge on relevant topics, including issuance and installation of policies, policy renewal and changes, premium billing and payment, claims administration, and state and federal regulation of insurance.

  • Customer Service Strategies for the Health Care Environment

    This course covers the best strategies for outstanding service, including how to improve relationships with customers, how to create a customer-driven organization and ways to improve your customer service team’s performance.

Health Insurance Associate (HIA)

AHIA is AHIP’s supervisory program that enables to gain a thorough knowledge of the administration and evaluation of various kinds of schemes in addition to gaining broad understanding of cost management, pricing, claims administration, policy issue and renewal, regulation, and fraud.

HIA comprises of six courses in total. Three courses from the DHI program in addition to three more following courses:

  • Supplemental Health Insurance

    This course explores in detail critical illness insurance, as well as the administration of supplemental coverage for vision, dental, hearing, specified disease and cancer, special risks, accidents, and hospital services. Candidate will examine plans and learn what is likely to happen in the supplemental health insurance market in the future.

  • Health Insurance Fraud – Part I

    This course gives valuable insight from this broad overview of health insurance fraud. This course focuses on investigative methods for detecting fraud and delves into the many areas in which fraud occurs, including fraud and abuse by providers, consumers, agents, and others.

  • Disability – Part I

    This course explores the history and current trends of disability income (DI) insurance. You’ll get a thorough introduction to the market and background on government- and employer-sponsored programs, assessment of individual needs, application processes, contractual provisions, claims, and taxation.

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