Royal Center takes pride in its extensive experience in delivering high quality training courses for select units of the UK-based Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), which provides market-led qualifications and study programs serving all sectors of the insurance industry and also caters for all levels of knowledge and experience.

Royal Center offers registration, accreditation, membership and learning (select units) support for four crucial CII designation qualifications for which paper-based examinations are conducted twice a year (April and October). CII Exam Centers are based in all major Middle Eastern cities.

Note: All qualifications related information in this website is based on reference to the CII’s Insurance Qualifications catalog.

Award in General Insurance (CII Award)

This single unit introductory-level qualification is ideal for those beginning their career in the insurance sector. It helps develop a broad understanding of key insurance topics, including how the insurance market operates; fundamental risk and insurance principles and procedures; and core personal and commercial insurance products.

Successful candidates will obtain 15 CII credits upon passing unit W01 Award in General Insurance examination.

Certificate in Insurance (Cert CII)

The Certificate in Insurance is a core qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the profession and provides candidates with a fundamental grounding in key insurance principles, disciplines, products and markets.

To complete the ‘Cert CII’ designation qualification, candidates are required to obtain 40 CII credits.

CII’s suite of Certificate-level units include the following:

  • IF1 Insurance, Legal and Regulatory (15 credits; compulsory unit)
  • IF2 General Insurance Business (15 credits)
  • IF3 Insurance Underwriting Process (15 credits)
  • IF4 Insurance Claims Handling Process (15 credits)
  • IF5 Motor Insurance Products (15 credits)
  • IF6 Household Insurance Products (15 credits)
  • IF7 Healthcare Insurance Products (15 credits)
  • IF8 Packaged Commercial Insurances (15 credits)
  • IF9 Customer Service in Insurance (15 credits)
  • I10 Insurance Broking Fundamentals (15 credits)
  • I11 Introduction to Risk Management (15 credits)
  • LM1 London Market Insurance Essentials (15 credits)
  • LM2 London Market Insurance Principles and Practices (15 credits)

Diploma in Insurance (Dip CII)

The Diploma in Insurance is a technical and supervisory qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry. The Diploma will provide you with a firm understanding of insurance fundamentals and will develop advanced technical knowledge.

To secure the ‘Dip CII’ designation qualification, candidates must obtain a minimum of 120 CII credits, with at least 90 credits at Diploma level or above.

CII’s suite of Diploma-level units include the following:

  • P05/M05 Insurance Law (25 credits; compulsory unit)
  • P21/M21 Commercial Insurance Contract Wording (20 credits)
  • P61 Life, Critical Illness and Disability Underwriting (30 credits)
  • P62 Life, Critical Illness and Disability Claims (30 credits)
  • P63 Long Term Insurance Business (25 credits)
  • P64 Private Medical Insurance Practice (25 credits)
  • P66 Delegated Authority (25 credits)
  • P67 Fundamentals of Risk Management (25 credits)
  • P80/M80 Underwriting Practice (20 credits)
  • P81/M81 Insurance Broking Practice (20 credits)
  • P85/M85 Claims Practice (20 credits)
  • P86 Personal Insurances (20 credits)
  • P90 Cargo and Goods in Transit Insurances (20 credits)
  • P91 Aviation and Space Insurance (30 credits)
  • P92/M92 Insurance Business and Finance (25 credits; compulsory unit)
  • P93/M93 Commercial Property and Business Interruption Insurances (25 credits)
  • P94/M94 Motor Insurance (25 credits)
  • P96/M96 Liability Insurances (25 credits)
  • P97/M97 Reinsurance (30 credits)
  • P98 Marine Hull and Associated Liabilities (30 credits)

Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII)

TThe Advanced Diploma in Insurance is a professional qualification for insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry. It provides an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both in terms of technical subject matter and overall application skills. It is also a comprehensive assessment of market knowledge and understanding.

To achieve the ‘ACII’ designation qualification, candidates must obtain a minimum of 290 CII credits, with at least 205 credits at Diploma-level or above, including at least 150 credits at Advanced Diploma-level.

CII’s suite of Advanced Diploma-level units include the following:

  • 530 Economics and Business (30 credits)
  • 590 Principles of Takaful (30 credits)
  • 820 Advanced Claims (30 credits)
  • 930 Advanced Insurance Broking (30 credits)
  • 945 Marketing Insurance Products and Services (30 credits)
  • 960 Advanced Underwriting (30 credits)
  • 990 Insurance Corporate Management (30 credits)
  • 991 London Market Insurance Specialization (50 credits)
  • 992 Risk Management in Insurance (30 credits)
  • 993 Advances in Strategic Risk Management in Insurance (50 credits)
  • 994 Insurance Marketing Specialization (50 credits)
  • 995 Strategic Underwriting (30 credits)
  • 996 Strategic Claims Management (30 credits)
  • 997 Advanced Risk Financing and Transfer (30 credits)

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